Project Time

Conceptualized on Friday afternoons, in a 75 minute block time, Project Time brings together groups of 1-8th grade students for designated workshops in a variety of disciplines.  Workshops are independently selected by the student each term.  The workshops may change from term to term and include Mosaics, Student Government, Musical Theater, Chess, Community Service, Scrabble, and Woodworking.  As students select their desired workshops, each session is comprised of a variety of grade levels.  This means a 4th grader might play Scrabble against a 1st grader, or that a 7th grader, 3rd grader, and 1st grader must work together to plan a clothing drive.  

In this multi-age experience, students explore new ways to observe created, learn, and express their knowledge.  They are exposed to new environments and different teaching styles.  As students engage in unique dialogue with children of all ages, their ability to communicate and appreciate other perspectives flourishes.  Working with others within a multi-age group dynamic also enhances student's social skills and their problem solving abilities.  

Students are evaluated throughout the academic year on their participation, cooperation and a inter-age interaction. Students are given a separate grade for Project Time each term, which is included in the cumulative GPA.