Family Handbook 2017-2018


The guidelines and suggestions in the linked PDF below aim at providing an effective and harmonious instructional atmosphere in the school. Please read carefully and familiarize yourself with these guidelines. Adhering to administrative guidelines is a crucial element in participating in the educational life of the school.

The purpose of the Hovnanian School, in addition to providing quality education, is to develop in the students an awareness of their identity. The teaching of the Armenian language and history is an integral part of the curriculum. Teachers seek creative ways of maintaining this integration. Coordination with teachers of all subject areas and grade levels is necessary.

Celebration or observance of religious and national holidays, visits by prominent community leaders, artists, and professionals, as well as participation of our students in various programs and extracurricular activities, provide cultural enrichment. Sometimes, although well planned, such activities may interrupt our regularly scheduled work. Parents are asked to show flexibility on such occasions and encourage student involvement.

Parents and students are asked to read the Student Handbook and familiarize themselves with the school’s regulations, expectations, and codes of conduct. Parents are expected to be equally demanding and supportive to provide uniformity in implementing these regulations.

For the complete student handbook PDF, please download the link below: